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Do you want to play Pokemon Sword & Shield on iOS and Android? Now it is possible!

Pokemon is the series of games and TV series that everyone knows and loves. No wonder–the latest production that initially appeared solely on Nintendo Switch became very popular and loveable instalment. That is why if you want to enter the world of latest Pokemons on your Android or iOS mobile devices, here is your chance!

Pokemon Sword & Shield is another instalment from the series that is divided onto two productions: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. They differ in terms of unique legendary Pokemons that you can find there and some several minor elements. The entire game takes place in a brand new area. Region Galar offers us news locations to explore, new gym leaders, and, what is more important, a brand new set of Pokemons to catch!

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Mechanics in the game

In general, we can notice here a list of improvements that the authors from Game Freak gave us. Once again we will take the role of a beginning Pokemon trainer. His or her goal will be to catch as many Poke creatures as it is possible and then use them to fight your way through gym leaders, gaining badges, up to the Pokemon Championships.

As it usually happens, the game can be divided onto two parts. The first one, an exploration part, is observed from the isometric point of view. The second one, battles that is, make use turn-based system and we can observe from quite closely, in full 3D, how our Pokemon fights with other Pokemons and their trainers.

There are of course several novelties that the game offers. We mean here the possibility to encounter wild Pokemons that are not hidden in tall grass and some other features we encourage you to check out for yourself. That is why do not wait any longer, play Pokemon Sword & Shield on mobile devices right now! You will see on your own eyes that the authors enhanced the game and why it is still compatible with iOS and Android!